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Stuart Woods - Collection
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Ed Eagle:
02-Short Straw
03-Santa Fe Dead
04-Santa Fe Edge
Herbie Fisher:
01-Barely Legal
Holly Barker:
02-Orchid Blues
03-Blood Orchid
05-Iron Orchid
06-Mounting Fears
07-Hothouse Orchid
Rick Barron:
02-Beverly Hills Dead
Stone Barrington:
01-New York Dead
03-Dead in the Water
04-Swimming to Catalina
05-Worst Fears Realized
07-Cold Paradise
08-The Short Forever
09-Dirty Work
10-Reckless Abandon
11-Two Dollar Bill
12-Dark Harbor 13-Fresh Disasters 14-Shoot Him If He Runs 15-Hot Mahogany 16-Loitering With Intent 17-Kisser 18-Lucid Intervals 19-Strategic Moves 20-Bel-Air Dead 21-Son of Stone 22-D.C-Dead 23-Unnatural Acts 24-Severe Clear 25-Collateral Damage 26-Unintended Consequences 27-Doing Hard Time 28-Standup Guy 29-Carnal Curiosity 30-Cut and Thrust 31-Paris Match 32-Insatiable Appetites 33-Hot Pursuit 34-Naked Greed 35-Foreign Affairs 36-Scandalous Behavior 37-Family Jewels 38-Dishonorable Intentions 39-Sex, Lies, and Serious Money 40-Below the Belt 41-Fast & Loose 42-Indecent Exposure 43-Quick & Dirty 44-Unbound 45-Shoot First 06-11-Omnibus
Teddy Fay:
01-Smooth Operator
Will Lee:
1-Chiefs 2-Run Before the Wind 3-Deep Lie 4-Grass Roots 5-The Run 6-Capital Crimes 7-Mounting Fears Standalone:
Under the Lake
White Cargo
Dead Eyes
Imperfect Strangers
Stuart Woods is the author of more than sixty novels. He is a native of Georgia and began his writing career in the advertising industry. Chiefs, his debut in 1981, won the Edgar Award. An avid sailor and pilot, Woods lives in Florida, Maine, and New Mexico.
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