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 Although I love Al Martino's singing the most, of this genre and type of song picks
specifically in this lineup, I have to say I enjoyed listening to Tony Bennett do some numbers
on here, most particularly my best song pick on this 2CD set "Here in my heart"
As well, "Rags to riches" sounds additionally like the best available rendition by him
or anyone, I say! Great stuff Tony.
We do have another concert video upload coming up soon - Tony Bennett unplugged
which includes some terribly poorly matched duet duos such as with KD Lang (a joke performance)
and Elvis Costello (a farce teamup equally) So its only going to be a reasonable enough
bitrate of available video and audio from the DVD disc
We are hoping to bring you his Duets II performances from a 1080p disc folder
soon, as we believe there may be one available to us somewhere. We'll keep trying there
for you, and for perhaps a disc of it from other sources too. For now we have a 1080 duet sampler included here sit a beautiful blonde gal
pairing up with Tony for a great duet indeed! Great pick there Mr. Bennett and Staff this time around.  Wisest possible choice I say. She;s not named as the singer of Tony's
youtube channel, however that's none other I believe than dear Ms. Faith Hill
country song legend, and sometimes featured on our site additionally at She once did a stunningly lovely performance of "Help me make it through the night"
from a live concert, however we cannot seem to get a hold of great enough video
of it, only a sample on youtube thus far. We'll keep looking. thanks
Thanks for seeding
Michael Rizzo Chessman
Tony Bennett - A Life in song 2CD 320k with bonus (musicfromrizzo)
Bonus 1080p sampler video clip - The Way You Look Tonight (from Duets II  The Great Performances).mp4
Tony Bennett - A Life in Song (musicfromrizzo).jpg
Tony Bennett - A Life in song 2CD 320k with bonus (musicfromrizzo)
CD1 Tony Bennett - Blue velvet CD 320k (musicfromrizzo)
Tony Bennett - Anywhere I wander
Tony Bennett - Because of you
Tony Bennett - Blue Velvet
Tony Bennett - Boulevard of broken dreams
Tony Bennett - Cold, cold heart
Tony Bennett - Have a good time
Tony Bennett - Here in my heart
Tony Bennett - I won't cry anymore
Tony Bennett - Rags to riches
Tony Bennett - Since my love has gone
Tony Bennett - Sing, you sinners
Tony Bennett - Solitaire
Tony Bennett - Somewhere along the way
Tony Bennett - Stranger in paradise
Tony Bennett - While we're young
Tony Bennett - A Life in song 2CD 320k with bonus (musicfromrizzo)
CD2 Tony Bennett - with the Count Baise Orchestra CD 320k (musicfromrizzo)
Tony Bennett - Anything Goes
Tony Bennett - Are You Havin' Any Fun
Tony Bennett - Chicago (That Toddling Town)
Tony Bennett - Growing Pains
Tony Bennett - I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans
Tony Bennett - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Tony Bennett - Jeepers Creepers
Tony Bennett - Life Is A Song
Tony Bennett - Poor Little Rich Girl
Tony Bennett - With Plenty Of Money & You


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