John van der Veer - the Ark (2007) [FLAC]

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John van der Veer - the Ark (2007) [FLAC]
Category Rock, Classical, Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Folk
Label Naim Audio
Orig Year 2007
Discs 1
Release Date Jun 05, 2007
Studio/Live Studio
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Producer John Van Der Veer
Personnel Arnold VanDongen - acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, requinto
John Van Der Veer - acoustic guitar, slide guitar, requinto, flageolet, bass guitar
Pablo Minoli - acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, bass guitar
Recording information: S.A.E. Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
.: Tracklist :.
Personnel: John Van der Veer (acoustic guitar, slide guitar, requinto, flageolet, bass guitar); Arnold VanDongen (acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, requinto); Pablo Minoli (acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, bass guitar).
Audio Mixer: John Van der Veer.
Quite simply; bold and blissful instrumental music for 5 acoustic guitars, fronted by the astute finger work of Dutchman, John van der Veer. Now being hailed as the 21st Century ‘Sky’. Featuring some of the finest musicians from across Europe. Including:
Arnold van Dongen (acoustic guitar)
Marcel Fisser (acoustic guitar)
Jaap Kwakman (acoustic guitar)
Pablo Minoli (acoustic bass guitar)
Captured with ranged and creative mic technique, the unedited live recordings, mixed by Danny Rosendahl at Sound Production Studios, reflect John van der Veer’s dynamic and diverse skill as a composer.
The album features a crystal clear guitar only version of Albatross, originally by Fleetwood Mac, beautifully arranged by van der Veer.
The music John van der Veer has written for the Ark, is firmly based on his classical background, his fascination for combining very different musical styles and media compositions. The Ark transcends genre and style. The music itself is a combination of guitar techniques, including flamenco, classical, western and gypsy steel string.
  1	Mambo Jumbo	5:46
 2	Molyvos	5:45  3	911	3:51  4	Largo	4:01  5	On Track	5:17  6	Albatross	5:31  7	Manha De Carnaval	6:51  8	No Body Is Perfect	3:36  9	Cantora	4:45 .: Other Files :.

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